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Managed IT Services can save you time, money, and worry. Ask us how.

Six Benefits to Managed Services

Managed IT services evolve and change as technology changes. Where once managed services mainly referred to the monitoring and management of hardware, it now also encompasses labor, support, and software-as-a-service. The possibilities are constantly opening up, and the benefits are there for the taking.

Managed services are how more businesses are running their offices today. Managed services give you many benefits that are not possible without a managed services setup. This is not a complete list, but here are some of the benefits our clients’ say are most important for them.


Security is a huge area where managed IT services can provide you with benefits. Security services are also part of managed services, with many providers now focusing on becoming managed security service providers (MSSPs). Managed security services can help fill your organization’s security gaps. For example, they can help improve your endpoint security and implement tools to detect threats outside of and within your network. Managed services, with cybersecurity rolled in, means your infrastructure has constant monitoring, management, and updates that are critical to reducing your risk of attacks and breaches.


With managed services, your IT costs are rolled into one predictable monthly payment. This makes managed services primarily an operational expense, which makes it easy to budget for. Managed services also typically lowers overall IT costs because there are fewer issues, and less hardware needed. Predictable spending on your IT? Controlling costs? Both are a great idea!

And not only do managed services mean fewer technical issues, it they also lead to more uptime and lower labour rates through a structured managed services contract. The savings just keep on coming.


Managed services are fully scalable and fast to set up which makes it easier to expand and update your IT as needed. Have a new staff member? Want to work from home? Need to add more server resources for the busy season? Not a problem – managed services allows you to shift on the fly and you only pay for what you need!


With managed services, you get a team of IT experts who have the in-depth training, skills, certifications, and the experience you need. This includes high-level senior IT administrators and the kind of advanced skillsets that optimize your complete set-up – without the trouble or cost of bringing in that team yourself.


IT is constantly changing. Some of that change is optional – advances in software, new options. However, some change is crucial to your network stability and data security. Because managed services deliver programs thought the cloud, we keep it up to date automatically. You don’t have to do anything, not even worry. From software regulations to cybersecurity to staying ahead of hackers, we’ve got you (automatically) covered.


As a business owner or manager, you don’t want to spend your time solving IT problems. You want to work on your business. With managed services, most of the support happens through the web and is managed by our experts. This means we’re always a quick phone call away and we can typically solve problems and make changes for you remotely. If you have an in-house IT team, managed services can free them up to work on other projects. Either way, managed services save you time, reduces stress, and makes all of your IT work smoothly, easily.

Our Montreal Managed Services Benefits Include:

  • Low, predictable IT costs without a large investment
  • Flexible, expert support including remote support for quick response
  • Maximum up-time with proactive maintenance and system monitoring
  • No data worry with secure offsite data backups
  • Automatic sel-healing of critical services

Reliable, Proactive IT Management Solutions

Bring predictability to your business and your budget while making your technology reliable, manageable and invisible.

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