Managed Cloud Services

The cloud is the future of computing. For smart companies, the future is available now. Hire Quesys as your managed cloud service provider.

Managed Cloud Services

Rapid, online application delivery is taking over how major technology companies deliver their software to companies like yours. Software that once came in a box, or as a download, is now streamed to your computers over the Internet.

Cloud Services Becoming the New Norm

Microsoft has already moved to cloud services with their Office 365 offering, and major IT companies like Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Cisco Systems are adapting their software and building huge data centres to also deliver their software over the Internet, instead of onsite one-by-one implementation. It’s a smarter way to buy and sell computer application services with benefits for both the vendor and for you, the client.

Cloud Services from Quesys Montreal can make your business more efficient.  Scalable, versatile, and cost-effective cloud computing solutions allow you and your employees to work from any location and to share and publish documents and materials within one unified system.  Cloud computing is also great for efficient email communication, data management, marketing, and other business processes.

Simplify Your IT Infrastructure with Cloud Services

Quesys cloud computing services allow remote delivery and management of IT infrastructure and services. Instead of all of your programs and data being stored on individual computers, most of that load is carried by secure servers and streamed into your office. This means less maintenance onsite, centralized control, and quick and convenient upgrades and scaling.

Are You Ready for the Cloud?

To know if the cloud is right for you, we first assess your company’s IT needs. If it is, we design a cloud computing solution that delivers the services and efficiencies you need. We provide installation as well as set-up, management and training. Whether your business has several onsite servers, or is a small networked office, we can move you to powerful, efficient virtualized system that is easily managed and provides complete security and recovery options.

Cloud Services & Benefits

Through our cloud environment we provide remote server software hosting through virtualized machines. Virtual server hosting saves your business time and money otherwise spent buying and installing servers, as well as setting up new workstations and other computer equipment. Because the cloud infrastructure is at a secure offsite location, it provides superior backup and disaster recovery options that keep your business data resources safe.

Cloud Solutions Include:

  • Hosted Virtual Desktops and Workstations
  • Hosted Virtual Servers
  • Hosted Exchange Email
  • Online Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Hosted VoIP Telephone Services

Cloud computing services deliver these important business benefits:



Freedom from managing your own computers, servers, hardware and data centre.

Cost Savings

 Subscription-based pricing means a lower cost outlay with fixed expense budgeting.


Your computer systems are constantly monitored and automatically upgraded by experts.
Ready for cloud computing?

To see if a cloud system can deliver powerful benefits for your company

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