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Quesys provides top-rated IT services to clients in Montreal, Toronto, and beyond.

Managed Services, Customized to You. 

Quesys can make your IT more efficient, effective, and secure.

Streamline your IT with custom planning and expert support.

Our friendly Managed IT Services team works with you to create a detailed IT roadmap. We want to help you achieve your business objectives while providing reliable, flexible solutions that can grow and change as your needs evolve.

Interruptions to your network and systems can cause problems throughout your company and impede your productivity. Careful planning can streamline and protect your IT network – and your future.

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Safeguard your systems, your data, and your business.

Quesys Managed Security Service (MSSP) experts can protect you from increasingly dangerous cybersecurity threats. Comprehensive Data Protection, data backups, and a complete Disaster Recovery plan are crucial to safe guarding your valuable data and systems.

We can also monitor your network and infrastructure in real time to close security gaps, prevent serious security threats, and put a stop to malicious attacks before they cause any damage.

Expand and improve your abilities, storage, and flexibility.

Quesys Managed Cloud services give you access to a variety of powerful, efficient, cloud-based business tools. This includes Cloud Virtualization to centralize IT management processes, the cost savings of VoIP-based Cloud Telephony, and the work-from-anywhere flexibility of Microsoft Office 365.

Whether you’re looking for more efficiency from your systems, to harness new programs, or to protect sensitive data, cloud computing helps your business operate more smoothly.

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”Their ability to advise and guide you to solutions that are tailored to your business is absolutely remarkable.”

– Pet Centres Nature

Quesys is more than just a service provider. They are a business partner central to the continued growth and success of our business

– Flag Ship

Extremely reliable service coupled with their expertise to efficiently and effectively problem-solve makes Quesys a leader.

– Mont Blanc

Want More Reasons Companies are Moving to Quesys?

Expert support. Better security. Peace of mind.

By outsourcing your support to our expert IT technician team, you can have benefits like these:

Friendly, Personal Service

Our technology may be Best in Class, but we treat our clients like family. We’re there when you need us with proactive services, 24/7 monitoring, a personalized Help Desk, and dedicated, skilled, helpful technicians using only the most up-to-date technologies. While you have your own special focus as a company, providing knowledgeable service to your clients, so do we. Computer IT systems and support is our speciality; it’s what we do every day, and we’re experts at helping clients just like you.

Lower Costs

Many businesses are surprised to learn that Managed Solutions can actually save them money! Hiring, training, and managing a full in-house IT support department is expensive. The cost for in-house IT professionals ranges from $50,000 – $80,000 per year, and these costs continuously increase. IT has become highly specialized, so many companies do without some of the most important services like network design and security, because they cannot justify the high expense. Instead, they rely on their in-house generalists for these specialized tasks which is a big mistake that can result in terrible consequences. With IT outsourcing, you get access to the experts you need, and you only pay for what you need.

Enhanced Security

Unfortunately, the threat to your computers, your office, and most importantly, your valuable data is very, very real. Ransomware attacks have gone from being a rarity to being commonplace. Even major corporations and governments have been hit; protecting your company from the terrible threat of ransomware is one of the best reasons to have an expert security and IT technicians help guard your network and computers. Quesys’ managed services plan includes cybersecurity with best-in-class technology, AI and automation to monitor your systems 24/7 for security and intrusions.

Deep Technical Expertise

Quesys Managed Services puts a dedicated IT team at your service. With an in-house IT technician, or even a small team of people, you are limited to what they do and don’t know – their strengths and weaknesses define your approach. We have seen some odd set-ups and unusual recommendations from solo or small-team in house IT workers – things we would never recommend. The reason for this is almost always just that the person was not an expert in that particular area, and were trying to handle a situation that was simply outside of their expertise. Quesys’ IT Managed Services puts an entire team of specialists behind your networks and systems.

Less Stress

Managing and securing computer systems is becoming more complicated, not less. And managing an internal IT team also takes much more time and effort than having an expert on-call resource there when you need it. You don’t have to worry about downtime or competing for attention. If you don’t need us for weeks or months, that’s fine. But if you need three people to come and do something right away, we can handle it.


Quesys Montreal offers complete business IT support and office Managed Services throughout Montreal and the surrounding area including Laval, the West Island, the Laurentians, and beyond.


Through our Toronto office, Quesys offers complete business IT support and Managed Services solutions in Toronto, and the greater GTA region.

Relax. Your Computer Technology is in Expert Hands.

Whether you need a complete outsourced IT solution or Co-Managed IT services to support your in-house team, contact Quesys IT.