“Extremely reliable service coupled with their expertise to efficiently and effectively problem-solve makes Quesys a leader.”

Bill Robinson
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“Their ability to advise and guide you to solutions that are tailored to your business is absolutely remarkable.”


“Quesys is more than just a service provider. They are a business partner central to the continued growth and success of our business.”


Montreal IT Technicians and Technical Support

Computer Technology is our Expertise. Supporting Your Business is Our Mission.


Our I.T. technicans ensure your office computer technologies are effective, reliable – and secure.


From workstations to servers – we install and maintain office computers, devices and networks.


Protection from viruses, malware, disaster or error, we guard your most crucial business asset – information.


A 24-hour help desk, and remote technical support, are part of how we keep your computer tech running.

I.T. Support Services

Quesys are Montreal’s office technology I.T. technicians. Our I.T. support technicians can keep your business running smoothly with cost-effective planning and support. Our comprehensive range of I.T. services covers office computers, servers, network design, security, WIFI, network cabling, managed services and more. Continue to I.T. Services

Free I.T. Evaluation

Is your computer network secure? Are your office computers up-to-date? Is your data automatically backed-up and protected from theft, damage, or loss? Not sure? Let Quesys’ I.T. support technicans give you a free evaluation; because not knowing can be costly.Contact Quesys

Cloud Services

Interested in the power and efficiency of cloud computing and managed services? Cloud computing offers cost-effective and scalable data storage and computer services management. Talk to a Quesys IT consultant about what Cloud computing and managed services can do for your company. Continue to Cloud Services

Why Outsource Your I.T. Support to Us?

Think about it how crucial your computers, phones, wifi network, and other technologies are to your business. And think about how much you can do when technology is working for you. Now think about what happens when something goes wrong.

By outsourcing your support to our expert I.T. technician team, you can have benefits like these:

Greater Security

Unfortunately, the threat to your computers, your office, and most important your valuable data is very, very real. Ransomware attacks have gone from being a rarity to being commonplace. Even major corporations and governments have been hit; protecting your company from this terrible and costly experience is one of the best reasons to have an expert security and I.T. technicians to help guard your network and your computers.

Lower Costs

Hiring, training, and managing a full in-house IT support department is expensive. The cost for in-house IT professionals ranges from $50,000 – $80,000 per year, and these costs continue to increase. IT has become highly specialized, so many companies do without some of the most important services like network design and security, because they cannot justify the high expense. Instead, they rely on their in-house generalists for these specialized tasks which is a big mistake that can result in terrible consequences. With IT outsourcing, you get access to the experts you need, and you only pay for what you need.

Deep Expertise

With an in-house I.T. person, or even a small team of people, you are limited to what they know and don’t know. Whatever their strengths (or weaknesses) are – that’s what’s going to define your approach. We have seen some odd set-ups and unusual recommendations from solo or small-team in house I.T. workers – things we would never recommend. The reason for these is almost always just that the person was not expert in that particular area, and we’re trying to handle a situation that was simply outside of their expertise.

Less Stress

Managing an internal I.T. team takes much more time and effort than having an expert on-call resource there when you need it. You don’t have to worry about downtime or competing for attention. If you don’t need us for weeks or months, that’s fine. If you need three people to come and do something right away, we can handle it.

Great Service

While you have your own special focus as a company, providing knowledgeable service to your clients, so do we. I.T. is our speciality. It’s what we do every day, and we’re experts at helping clients just like you.

I.T. Computer Certifications & Industry Partners

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IT Support and Service Region

Quesys is a Montreal I.T. business computer support company. Our IT technicians serve all office computer technician needs throughout Montreal and the surrounding area including Laval, the West Island, South Shore, Eastern Townships, and the Laurentian region. We also provide remote technical support for areas outside our immediate location.