Virtual Cloud Services

Quesys’ cloud virtualization allows one physical server to run several different individual computing stations, giving you more efficiency, flexibility, and protection.

Share Resources and Collaborate

Like getting several servers for the cost of one – cloud virtualization permits a more cost-efficient and space-efficient computing set-up. Virtualization centralizes administrative tasks while also improving scalability.

Cloud Virtualization Benefits:

  • Purchase and maintain fewer physical servers
  • Get more out of the servers you have (typical improvements from 20-80%)
  • Reduced hardware and IT costs
  • Increased efficiency, utilization and flexibility of computer hardware
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Ready to talk cloud virtualization?

Virtualization can also be applied to storage hardware. Like server virtualization, storage virtualization pools all of your computing resources from different storage devices into a single, shared virtual storage repository.  To find out more:

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Quesys is a Montreal IT business computer support company. Our IT technicians serve all office computer technician needs throughout Montreal and the surrounding area including Laval, the West Island, South Shore, Eastern Townships, and the Laurentian region. We also provide remote technical support for areas outside our immediate location.