Community Engagement & Charity

The Quesys mission includes finding ways to help the greater community we live and work in.

Kids Should Go Far – Not Without

The switch to remote learning has proved to be challenging for students and schools. Research is showing troubling gaps where households did not have access to digital devices to access the work that teachers were providing.

Quesys decided we must do something to help, which is why we partners with Asus to donate laptops to children in need. Initiatives such as this one play a massive part in ensuring that all families can access the full curriculum and not be at a disadvantage to their peers when we resume face to face teaching.

Quesys Gives Computers to Students

We know that computers are crucial to our children’s education today. Yet in Canada hundreds of thousands of kids don’t have in-home computer access. Which is why Quesys is helping support students in need with Asus Chromebook donations to help them keep up with their studies at home.

Quesys believes in a human-centered approach to business making it important to us to be a part of the greater community where we live and work.

Smiling Quesys employee stands with Asus laptops

Living our Core Values

At Quesys, sharing our knowledge, and helping others, are core values. After all, an important part of our work as technical consultants in IT is staying up to date, educating our customers, and doing everything we can to inform, advise, and support. Which is why Quesys works in our communities to extend that help. One of the important ways we contribute is by helping young people. Quesys gives school talks, provides Internships, and other initiatives.