Managed IT Services

Quesys’ custom managed services team can tailor an efficient solution to your exact computing needs, whether you’re located in Montreal, Toronto, or beyond.

Six Big Benefits to Quesys Managed Services

As a leader in Managed Services solutions, we are experts in keeping your office IT running smoothly. But we’re also experts in service. Our friendly, hands-on, personal approach to each client sets us apart.

The core strength of Quesys Managed Services is a comprehensive office technology solution that is constantly monitored, easy to manage, and includes a ready support team to solve problems when they arise. One more feature that makes managed services popular is the cost certainty, giving you one fixed monthly cost for unlimited monitoring and service.

Here are just some of the major reasons why our clients have switched to our managed services programs.


You spend your time growing your business, while we take care of the IT. We work closely with you to give your team peace of mind about your IT. Why hire your own tech when you can have an entire team of experts working for you around the clock for a fraction of the cost?

With Quesys you have a dedicated team to keep your IT running smoothly. Our expert IT team will be working hard in the background to make sure everything runs smoothly, and our dedicated Help Desk and professional skilled technicians will be ready to support you when you need it most. Quesys will both prevent problems before they occur and be ready when you need us most.


Interruptions to your network and systems can have serious consequences on your day-to-day operations. In business, time is money, and our job is to prevent downtime. Our hands-on approach to protecting your systems will result in less downtime and fewer interruptions for your staff.

And with a flat rate every month, your costs are predicable, and you can finally budget your IT expenses knowing exactly what they will be. Simplified and consistent invoicing with real savings. No more checking every invoice for every incident resulting in less confusion, and less wasted time. Our systems also enable us to delivery almost all support remotely meaning faster responses and fewer travel charges. And all of these savings passed on to you.


If security is important to you, this is one component of Quesys’ managed services plan that will provide you with crucial benefits you need for peace of mind. Quesys leverages the latest technologies to prevent security threats and identify problems before they occur – meaning fewer interruptions and greater productivity for your team.

The Quesys Managed Services Plan includes advanced cybersecurity using best-in-class technology, AI and automation to monitor 24/7 for incident detection, intrusion, and other security threats.


Priority support used to be something that only enterprise businesses could afford. But with Managed Services, you have dedicated, priority support from the same team that monitors your network. This means we can respond more quickly, and sometimes even resolve issues over the phone without an office visit.

Our Priority Support includes state-of-the-art proactive services, 24/7 systems monitoring, backup redundancies, our personalized Help Desk, and dedicated, skilled technicians using only the latest technologies. And as always, you only pay for what you need (some support is even included).


Quesys’ Managed Services prevent problems before they occur. By constantly monitoring your systems, our proactive response team is able to identify and resolve potential threats, problems, and issues before they can impact your day-to-day operations. This important benefit of managed services saves you from costly, unplanned downtime. And when a problem does result in a work interruption, our dedicated help desk and expert technicians know your systems, and can quickly analyze the situation and swing into action to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.


As a business owner or manager, you don’t want to spend your time solving IT problems. You need to be free to work on your business. With managed services, most of the support happens through the web and is managed by our experts. This means we’re always a quick phone call away and we can typically solve problems and make changes for you remotely. If you have an in-house IT team, managed services can free them up to work on other projects. Either way, managed services save you time, reduces stress, and makes all of your IT work smoothly, easily.

What Do Managed Services Include?

Managed services provide a comprehensive, customized solution to your office computing support and security needs. Because they are part of a strong planning and monitoring system, managed services give you countless benefits that would not be possible without a managed services setup.

With manage services you get all that you might expect from an in-house IT department – but at a much lower cost. This gives you peace of mind and lets you focus on business while your technical needs are taken care of.

Quesys Managed IT Services Typically Include the Following:

Account Management

Experts that are on your side who can help you to implement and manage the best technologies to meet your business objectives. A good MSP will align technology with your business, help you with business direction, give you regular updates on new products, and spot opportunities for process and system improvements.

Automatic Monitoring and Maintenance

Our managed services program incorporates monitoring tools to ensure your systems are running properly – and to alert us to threats or problems as soon as they happen. This helps keep your business productivity high while reducing threats to your output and systems.

Asset Management

We track your equipment so that you always have access to current information on the age, specifications, installed applications, and user details of all workstations and devices. This helps you plan and make changes much more easily.

Documentation & Reporting

Easily monitor the health and status of your IT systems, with detailed, regular reports. We can even create detailed diagrams of your IT systems, network configurations, users, access permissions, and guides for specific instatllations.

Faster Response Times

On-call support means not only can we react quickly, but we can often solve problems remotely so there is little to no impact on productivity.

Proactive Technical Support

We keep your software up to date, and automatically assess your hardware and equipment. This lets us prevent problems before they happen, including hardware failure or especially security issues. We want to fix any vulnerabilities before cybercriminals have a chance to exploit them.

Secure Backups and Disaster Recovery Readiness

Data loss can be a disaster for any business, whether from damage to premises or a fatal system crash. When a major problem happens, we ensure your systems are ready to be operational as quickly as possible with disaster recovery processes that keep your data safe.

Security and Compliance

The need for data security is more important than ever, so you need to know your data is secure and safe from hacking, data theft and ransomware. Quesys’ managed services plan includes cybersecurity baed on best-in-class technology, AI and automation to monitor 24/7 for incident detection and intrusion.

Our Managed Services Benefits Include:

  • Low, predictable IT costs without a large investment.
  • Flexible, expert support including remote support for quick response.
  • Maximum up-time with proactive maintenance and system monitoring.
  • No data worry with secure offsite data backups.
  • Automatic sel-healing of critical services.

Friendly, Personal Service

Your business is unlikely any other. Which is why it needs a customized solution, that Quesys’ personal service team can deliver. To learn more about how our Managed Services can help your company, contact us! We will be happy to give you a free consultation.

IT support employee working on a laptop.

Managed Services Support Region

With offices in Toronto and Montreal, Quesys offers complete business IT support and office managed services. Our IT technicians serve all office computer technician needs throughout Montreal and the surrounding area including Laval, the West Island, the Laurentians, and beyond. Also see our Toronto Managed Services page.