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Discover Quesys’ managed IT solutions in Toronto and empower your business with top-rated technical expertise and service, customized to you. 

Why are Managed Services Better?

Managed services are how smart offices are run today. As a leading managed services provider, we want to show you the many benefits of an efficient, managed services office setup, including improved security, reduced costs and our fully-dedicated priority support team.

Quesys’ reputation is well founded on our implementation of best practices and the latest technologies to provide continuous monitor and scanning of your network for any intrusion and potential problem before they impact on your operations. And regular maintenance by our team will improve stability and performance of your computers and network resulting in less downtime.

Here are some of the many reasons why our clients love managed services – and you will too!


Managed security services monitor your entire network, identifying security gaps, and protecting you from threats to your valuable systems and vital company data.

To do this, Quesys monitors your network and infrastructure in real time 24/7 resulting in enhanced security and improve efficiently. We leverage the latest technologies to prevent security threats and identify problems before they occur – this will result in less interruptions to your business.

Quesys’ managed services plan includes cybersecurity which utilizes best-in-class technology, AI and automation to monitor 24/7 for incident detection and intrusion. If security is important to you, this is one component of Quesys’ managed services plan will provide you with important benefits you do not want to be without.


Managed services helps you control costs in a variety of different ways our clients have come to appreciate.

First, with a managed services plan, your IT costs are rolled into one predictable monthly payment. This makes managed services primarily an operational expense, and one you can budget. Simplified and consistent invoicing can mean clearer budgeting, and both cost and time savings, putting an end to time spent check invoices for every incident.

Second, because with managed services your system is monitored and kept up to date (all service and support is included) meaning there are fewer issues and problems. This hands on, proactive approach, to looking after your systems means less downtime and fewer interruptions for your company.


Priority support is a major benefit of managed services, especially for small and mid-sized companies. This is the kind of support that previously has only been available to enterprise businesses.

What does Priority Support mean? It means ‘best in class’ proactive services, 24/7 monitoring, backup redundancies, personalized Help Desk, and dedicated, skilled technicians using only the last technologies are what you will come to expect from Quesys, and we will deliver.


IT has become more complex, and relies on more specialists than it did in the past. One of the great benefits of managed services, especially important today, is that you get a team of IT experts who have the in-depth training, skills, certifications, and the experience you need. This includes high-level senior IT administrators and the kind of advanced skill sets that optimize your complete set-up – without the trouble or cost of bringing in that team yourself. Few companies need really high level technical skills in house all the time. With our managed services plans, you get the help you need, when you need it, and don’t have to pay for it when you don’t. 


Offie computer technology is constantly changing. Some of that change is optional – advances in software, new available options and hardware, added systems. But many of changes are crucial to your efficiency, network stability, and to the security of your data. Because managed services are designed to keep you up to date, we stay ahead of the important changes for you, without needing to be asked. You don’t have to do anything (not even worry)! From software regulations to cybersecurity to staying ahead of hackers, we’ve got you (automatically) covered.


As a business owner or manager, you don’t want to spend your time solving IT problems. You want to work on your business. With managed services, most of the support happens through the web and is managed by our experts. This means we’re always a quick phone call away and we can typically solve problems and make changes for you remotely. If you have an in-house IT team, managed services can free them up to work on other projects. Either way, managed services save you time, reduces stress, and makes all of your IT work smoothly, easily.

What Do Managed Services Include?

Managed services are a comprehensive office technology delivery solution that involves better monitoring, control, updating, and management of your office computer systems. This gives you many benefits that are not possible without a managed services setup.

With manage services you get all that you’d expect from an in-house IT department – including constant monitoring, and a ready support team, but at a much lower cost. This means you can have peace of mind and focus on your business while your technical needs are taken care of.

Quesys Managed IT Services Typically Include the Following:

Automatic Monitoring and Maintenance

Manage Services programs monitor your network to ensure your uptime by letting us know about problems as soon as they happen, improving your uptime.

Faster Response Times

Because we know and monitor your systems, we can respond quickly and even often solve problems remotely, meaning you don’t have to wait for a technician to visit.

Proactive Technical Support

We automatically assess your hardware and equipment, keeping everything up to date, to prevent problems before they occur. This includes hardware, security, and software issues, letting us repair any vulnerabilities before they become bigger problems.

Add/change Users and Access

Hassle free user maintenance can be done remotely. This can include setting up new workstations and users, removing old ones, making permission changes and more, all remotely, all quickly.

Security and Compliance

The need for data security is more important than ever, so you need to know your data is secure and safe from hacking, data theft and ransomware. Firewalls should also be in place to detect and prevent network intrusion. Compliance with relevant regulations is also a vital role of an MSP.

Secure Backups and Disaster Recovery Readiness

If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan, you’re risking the future of your business. Our disaster recovery planning includes secure backups so that in case of disaster, all of your data is backed up and secure.

Asset Management

We manage and monitor all of your equipment and user details, tracking your hardware, software, user access, and the location of all devices.

Account Management

Our experts take the stress and worry out of managing your IT. We completely align your technology with your business needs, giving you updates on technology changes, and new opportunities for improving your systems and company processes.

Documentation and Reporting

We keep track of things, giving you regular reports so you can know your systems are running well. We provide detailed notes and diagrams of your network set-up, IT systems, user installations, access and security, and provide guides for specific setups as needed.

Our Toronto Managed Services Benefits Include:

  • Predictable, fair, IT costs without a large investment.
  • An expert IT support team including remote support for quick response.
  • Improved up-time with active system monitoring and regular maintenance.
  • High level data security with secure remote data backups.
  • Automatic self-healing of crucial services.

Friendly, Personal Service

Quesys’ dedicated Managed Services team can deliver a customized solution to keep your business running, with our amazing support team behind you. To learn more about how our Toronto Managed Services can help your company, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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