IT Internships at Quesys

Kickstart your career with Quesys! As an IT intern you will work closely with experienced professionals, be involved in real projects, and receive personalized training and feedback.

Benefits of a Stage/Internship at Quesys

Each year, Quesys provides a select number of candidates with an exciting and challenging experience where they will grow and develop. As an intern, you’ll gain exposure to a wide variety of technologies, and even have the possibility of a full-time IT job when your internship/stage is completed.

Quesys interns work closely with experienced professionals as part of a collaborative team of smart, dynamic, and knowledgeable technicians. Interns receive personalized support, training, and feedback to help them learn and grow as professionals.

A seated Quesys technical specialist holds a tablet while training an IT intern

Real Work, Helpful Guidance

We treat our interns like permanent employees. Interns work on real projects and solve real problems. We provide the tools you need, and the guidance and ownership to make the right decisions. You will work closely with other team members on interesting projects and be treated as an important part of the team.

Internship Requirements

Solid technical skills, good communication, and an openness to learn are attributes that we look for and will bring you success at Quesys.

A Stage at Quesys may be perfect for you if:

✔ You have an aptitude for technical challenges and want to learn more

✔ You are organized and can manage your time well

✔ You are interested in a career in technical support

✔ You have a driver’s license or access to reliable transportation

✔ You know the importance of good communication

Talk to us to see if an Internship at Quesys is right for you!